Grieving the Loss of Someone Who Is Still Very Much Alive

By R. Marít
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“I am holding a funeral for everything we used to be 

burying the remains of what could have been deep beneath the earth and the hardest part is mourning the death

of someone who is very much still alive…”

Invoking the five stages of grief, Grieving the Loss of Someone Who Is Still Very Much Alive is a heartrending collection of poetry chronicling the aftermath of a break-up. For anyone that has ever had their heart broken by the death of a relationship, these poems put words to those feelings of abandonment, anger, and grief over a love lost.


About the Author

I am an artist of many mediums. I find that words happen to be one of the most powerful forms of art; while being referred to as the greatest weapon, words may also bring people together. The vulnerability of placing some of my deepest thoughts into visible context for the public to relate to is one of the more challenging things about being an artist, regardless of the creative medium. I have also always been passionate about taking care of people, and I use my art as a way to express a relatable standpoint for the reader to relate to during especially during time where they may be feeling alone, or as a way to connect and show that we all must go through grief at some point in our lives.

Published: 2024
Page Count: 124

Customer Reviews

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Anthony Yocum IV

I felt the anguish!

A substantial view on death

I enjoyed this book more than I truly thought I would. It expanded upon my own notion of what death truly is, and how death is only a Imitation on our own memories of those we lost, and who will remember us after we are gone. I would highly recommend a read though this assortment of poems.

Kayla Johnson

Grief is expansive and multi-layered; I definitely recommend this collection for those navigating its complexities. Poetry is a language we can all relate to.

Lexie Sherman

So many people can relate to these poems from all different forms of an end to a friendship or relationship. The words tugged at my heart, brought tears to my eyes and made me feel understood. Definitely recommend!