Escape To Misty Harbor

By Betty Owens Cory
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Beth set off on the back roads to avoid detection on her way to a new start in Misty Harbor, Maine. She arrived after a very long trip and popped in a waterfront restaurant to freshen up before calling upon Maggie, the art gallery owner she was here to meet. She sat outside to enjoy a glass of lemonade as she feasted her eyes on a wonderful specimen of a man who had just unloaded his catch of the day. He was tanned, toned and a treat for the eyes. All of a sudden he looked up and directly at her and she felt an electric connection that touched her soul.

Lee was a gorgeous lobsterman who kept his nose to the grindstone to support his adorable daughter who was still suffering from the loss of her mother in an automobile accident. As Lee was washing down his lobster boat and the seagulls were circling above for any discarded crabs or fish, Lee noticed a woman sitting by the docks who seemed deep in thought, and wondered who she was. He had never seen her before but something deep in his heart told him that she needed the same thing he did; a caring soul who would make them smile again.

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About the Author

A native of Saint Simons Island, GA, Mrs. Sattler served as a supportive spouse during her late husband's seventeen years of naval service before embarking on her own career in 1983 in biotechnology as Director of Business Development, North America. The company she represented specialized in gene synthesis and genetic engineering. Mrs. Sattler married William Wright Cory in 2007 and has lived an international life supporting her husband's aerospace career in Italy where she began writing about her youthful days growing up on St. Simons Island, Georgia. This story resulted in her first book entitled “Crabbing Days of an Islander,” which was published in 2010.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 202