Dusty Roads And Golden Country

By E.M. Stark
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Daisy Kay Meyers grew up unsure of what it meant to find true love and enjoy a life well lived. Dusty Roads and Golden Country follows Daisy in her journey of healing after leaving a stable, comfortable relationship to pursue a passion-filled, whirlwind romance with the black sheep of her small-town home in Briar, Texas. In a day and age where fast-paced and short-lived relationships dominate our culture, Stark wants readers to see that committed, steady relationships don't have to be less exciting. Some loves are meant to be journeys, while others feel like home from the moment they begin.

About the Author

E.M. Stark is an Arizona-based writer who enjoys spending time with her two younger sisters and friends when she's not leaning into a computer screen, constructing her next story. You can very rarely find her delving into a new book, as she is surprisingly not a fan of reading. She does, however, love the storytelling aspects of film and theatrics. Her heaviest influence has always been the Bible, having grown up in non-denominational churches, but she's also been inspired by the works of Tolstoy, Shakespeare, Tennessee Williams and Poe. She hopes to blaze a new trail for young writers who don't conform to any particular genre, but seek to spread their messages with truth and grace in equal measures.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 104