Down For Yours: When Your Heart Wants A Relationship That Challenges Your Friendship, Marriage, And Loyalty, You Have To Be Sure…

By Sabrina Piggott
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Down for Yours: When Your Heart Wants a Relationship That Challenges Your Friendship, Marriage, and Loyalty, You Have to Be Sure

How could best of friends Demetrius and Paul know that the moment they landed in Missouri for the annual Omega Phi Mega event, their lives would play out in a way none of them ever imagined?

Paul started things rolling when, meeting a woman named Sheryl, he realized that even fourteen years do not guarantee a lasting marriage in the face of a newfound love. Things just got a little too complicated when Demetrius, covering up for his best friend, discovered that Danita, Pauls wife, is just the kind of woman who is more than his match in outlook, taste, and yeseven in that most elusive object of all so farlove.

Down for Yours: When your heart wants a relationship that challenges your friendship, marriage, and loyalty, you have to be sure by Sabrina L M Piggott is a refreshing probe into the sophisticated ways of people who yearn for more than their current share of life.

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Published: 2013
Page Count: 324