Wild Stillness: Poems, Memories, And Thoughts

By Milly Chacko
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Wild Stillness

Wild Stillness is a collection of poetry whose motivation was fueled by a desire to understand the many depths to being human. Using poetry, memories, and thoughts infused with the five elements of earth, water, air, fire, and spirit to comprehend the incomprehensible, it is a transcendent exploration of the indefinable aspects of the human experience using words to describe those intangible aspects of humanity. It also allows for the illogical to be logical and the mysterious to be rational.

Read Wild Stillness and feel a connection within yourself by exploring the words within.

About the Author

Milly Chacko grew up as a second-generation American, struggling to find her place between honoring the ideals of her immigrant parents and the desire to fit into the culture she was being raised in. As she maneuvered through her life and experienced different aspects of this thing called being human, she started questioning life.

Her profession is a special education teacher, which has allowed her to see herself more clearly through her interactions with students and parents. Her questions led her to yoga and meditation. She became a certified yoga teacher for children and adults. Milly has also experienced the power of mindfulness & meditation in her life. She believes in total wellness— finding harmony between mind, body, and spirit.

Milly is a lover of animals and nature, laughter and adventure, creativity and the arts, dancing and concerts, sporting events, traveling, learning, and eating all the good food and drinking all the good drinks.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 144