Poems That Speak To The Spirit

By Minister Christina Walker
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From addict to minister, Poems That Speak to the Spirit is a profound collection of writings that unravel the journey of Minister Christina Walkers life. Before being saved by Gods grace, Minister Walker fought a severe drug and alcohol addiction that left her confused and seeking spiritual fulfillment. Eventually she realized that accepting God in her life was her only solution to finding happiness. Through her poetry, Minister Walker seeks to inspire others to fully embrace God and accept His healing powers. She writes of love, faith, and hope in this collection that vividly traverses her metamorphosis into a dedicated and unwavering follower of God.

About the Author

Minister Christina Walker, a native of Brooklyn, is actively involved in her community. She has six children, fourteen grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren. In addition to being involved in the Black Leadership Commission on AIDS, Minister Walker is the Director of the HIV/AIDS Ministry at Christ the Rock International Church. Among her many accomplishments, she has been a speaker for several events, including the Legislative Breakfast sponsored by The Bedford-Stuyvesant Crown Heights Community Coalition on Research and Planning on February 27, 2003; CNRs Pastoral Breakfast in 2002; and the AIDS Awareness Program in 2003. She also spoke for the legislature in Albany, NY for the Fifty-plus Population. When she is not involved in advocacy, Minister Walker enjoys writing, dancing, and teaching Bible study classes.

Published: 2007
Page Count: 62