Poems For The Young At Heart: Love, Infatuation, Patriotism, Inspiration, And Friendship

By Ltc. Ret. Samuel Lombardo
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The author has always loved beauty, and having moved countless times while in the service in his army career, he finds that each area has something delightful to offer. The natural scenery and the architecture each place has are different―as well as the women. When he sees women who strike him as beautiful, with special qualities, though some hell never meet, he is inspired to write about them. Experience firsthand his thoughts and feelings for the lovely women who graced his life and made it more vibrant.

About the Author

Ltc. Ret. Samuel Lombardo was born in Calabria, Southern Italy. Having lived there under Fascist rule, on his first ten years upon moving to America, it made him appreciate more all the freedoms that US citizens enjoy, and he felt obligated to defend such freedoms provided for by the greatest country on Earth.

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Published: 2014
Page Count: 70