Opulently Organized Opportunity: From The Soul Of Heaven

By Daniel Ibrahim
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The making of any mans destiny begins with the making of the man.

Opulently Organized Opportunity: From The Soul Of Heaven is a collection of poetry coalesced with religious inputs and lessons from the very core idea of Daniel Ibrahims own face-to-face encounter with rain and pain in his life.

What is vital in every persons life? Daniel denotes this as human eyesightthe most important sense present from God, which enables us to appreciate and explore Gods creations, to see anomalies for the birth of change, and to perceive great opportunities and make it happen; the four endowment-self: awareness, conscience, independent will, and creative imaginationthese functions with freedom to allow us the entirety responsibility on how to make our lives better.

The goal of this book is to let us contemplate and brood on our own metamorphosis throughout our journey in life.

About the Author

Amidst Daniel Ibrahims Islamic background on faith, at an early age, he became a Christian in 1997 by divine arrangement. He describes himself a passionate learner, a non-graduating student of life, and eight times graduate of Word of Faith Bible Institute. Daniel is the principal partner of IMPERIALCRAFT NIG LTD (building contractor and civil engineering firm). His intense desire is that all may be one.

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Published: 2011
Page Count: 266