It Started With A Prayer

By Kenneth Zadrovec
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It Started with a Prayer explores our capacity to maximize the gifts that God has given to each of us through prayer and faith in His grace. The world can be open and creative, a place where dreams and ideas are fulfilled. Kenneth Thomas Zadrovec reflects on personal spiritual experiences throughout this unique collection and shares glimpses of people who have found extraordinary comfort through prayer in the midst of challenging times. Through fiction and poetry, the author offers a compilation that challenges us to examine our own lives and to recognize the opportunities that we are blessed with each and every day. It Started with a Prayer is a reflection of how God does help guide and assist in the development of relationships and our spirituality.

About the Author

Kenneth Thomas Zadrovec is a native of Cleveland, Ohio, where he currently practices as a physical therapist. He is a graduate of the physical therapy program of Cleveland State University. He is a member of St. Augustine Parish of Cleveland, Ohio. In addition to writing and exploring a holistic approach to life, Mr. Zadrovec enjoys traveling and the outdoors. He is developing a not-for-profit corporation, Spirit in Motion. Spirit in Motion is a non-profit organization, created with the goal to provide for individuals and organizations which are less fortunate, in need, and will benefit from charitable provisions. Since 1996, Spirit in Motion has provided many children with Christmas toys. In 2002, Spirit in Motion was also able to provide various charitable organizations with gift certificates to help assist them with the food distribution for those in need of such a gift. The sharing list did include St. Augustine Parish, Brookside Hunger Center, Westside Catholic Center, and the West Side Community House. The world has become challenging for so many. Spirit in Motion hopes that by sharing a gift, to encourage a spirit of happiness, that the world not only becomes a bit more joyous, but most important that God does come to you in so many ways and that he has not and never will forget you.

Published: 2003
Page Count: 32