Inspirations From God

By Pastor James Forman
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Inspirations from God is a collection of poetry centering on faith and Christian spirituality. In this heartfelt and lyrical set of poems, Pastor James Forman meditates on the nature of love, peace, and prayer. He encourages readers to look to the Holy Bible for the answers. The poems in Inspirations from God are meant to enlighten and uplift everyones spirit.

About the Author

Pastor James Forman says he was prompted by the spirit of the Lord to write the poems in this book. He hopes these poems will encourage all who read them and let them know God loves and cares for us all. Pastor Forman lives in Baltimore, Maryland, with his lovely wife, Emma. They have three children, but one is deceased. Pastor Forman is the pastor of Pilgrim Christian Baptist Church in Baltimore.

Published: 2006
Page Count: 32