Inspirational Poems By Leo

By Leo Pancari, Jr.
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Leo Pancaris collection of poetry was inspired by his parents, love for his family and country, and visiting historical sites. All of these are reflected in his thoughtful words, including poems such as To All the Sons of Glory and A Time for Love. Mr. Pancaris poems also ruminate on Gods love for us in poems including The Message and Your Love.

The many topics covered in his poetry could appeal to a wide variety of readers. Theres essentially a poem for everyone, whether in love, out of love, searching for God, knowing God, or remembering fallen heroes. No matter the topic, Mr. Pancaris poems are truly inspirational.

About the Author

A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Leo Pancari, Jr., writes his poetry from his hometown. He has studied basic wiring and major appliance repair along with broadcasting and has been a member of the American Legion since 1993. His other interests include bowling, hunting, dancing, and record collecting. Mr. Pancari has three children: Christopher, Lisa, and Joseph.

Published: 2008
Page Count: 32