Harmony And Inspirations

By Barbara J. Garey
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Harmony and Inspirations is an anthology of poetry about love, relationships, and encouragement. Its about hope, understanding we dont have all the answers, and acknowledging Jesus is the answer. Poet Barbara J. Garey writes: He preached the gospel for the seed.
As promised long ago
In a covenant made with Abraham
That through him Gods blessings will flow. Its about relationships we have with each other some that plunder our hearts as we grieve over the pain in the world: Today I saw a side of life
Thats as sharp and cutting as a double-edged knife:
The pain and agony of a soul gone wrong
Tempted by death and its solitary song. If there are relationships that make her soul heavy, there are those that make her spirit soar, especially the love she feels for her family. She writes of her grandma: She was the matriarch of my family,
An inspiration among her peers,
Filled with love and solid wisdom
Thats guided me through the years. Join Barbara J. Garey as she shows us that if you live a life of love, youll love the life you live.

About the Author

Several decades ago, Barbara J. Garey accepted Christ and was baptized at Glad Tidings Baptist Church in Medina, New York. Currently, she is an active member of the Mount Olive Baptist Church in Buffalo, New York, as well as a retired member of Local 686 United Auto Workers, member of Greater Lockport (New York) Development Corporation Board of Directors and the Action Committee of the Cornerstone Federal Credit Union. In her free time, she enjoys gardening, shopping, reading, and writing. She and her husband, Edwin, have six children and seven grandchildren.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 70