Essence Of Life: Poetry And Life In Motion

By Jennifer A. Fahie
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When you are in your darkest hour, Always remember to give GOD the power. When the road is rough and dry, Look up to the savior on high. It is with such faith-filled words such as these in A Friend that Jennifer A. Fahie invites us to examine our own faith in this heartfelt collection of evocative poetry. She goes a step further in Consequence and shares her thoughts on the violent and crime-ridden society that seems to surround us today: They shouldnt let you pay a dime! Your punishment should fit the crime. For every action There is a reaction. Reminding us to be aware of the world around us and how we can change it for the better while encouraging us to look above for our saving grace, Jennifer A. Fahie gives us a personal glimpse into her innermost thoughts and feelings in her Collection of Poetry.

About the Author

A native Anguillian residing in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, Jennifer A. Fahie enjoys spending time with her children Chamara, Clifford, and Conrad as well as dancing, singing, travel, and science fiction movies.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32