Collection Of Poetry: And Writings To Inspire Your Life

By Brianna Young
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Young author Brianna Young was inspired to write this collection of poetry as a way to deal with stress and anxiety over the loss of several loved ones. In such a short period of time she lost four beloved family members and wasn’t quite sure how to cope.

Brianna hopes other people dealing with similar life issues can feel comfort, hope, and inspiration in her words.

About the Author

Brianna Young started writing poems at age 13 to cope with the loss of her great-grandmother in 2012. After the death of her PaPa, her mother was placed in a nursing home (m.s. disability) in Moultrie, GA., and she started doing drawings, also. Bri grew up and attended schools in Griffin, GA. After she graduated in 2017, she moved to Americus, GA with her Nana, and uncle to be closer to her mother. She married M. Cody Lawson in September 2018 and currently lives in Americus, Georgia.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 42