An Epitome Of Spiritual Writings, Featuring A Born-Again Birthday Card

By Shelly Lavoyce Brown
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With joyous words, Shelly Lavoyce Browns celebratory poetry bursts forth in an inspiring way. Reminding us that we have a responsibility to prepare ourselves to be received into the kingdom of God, Ms. Brown exhorts us through verse and prose to make ourselves worthy of such a holy place. She reminds us to love one another as Christ has loved us and provides a ten-step plan for salvation. She reveals that God is always trying to get our attention, sometimes subtly and sometimes brutally, but since we should always have our attention on Him first, this should not be the struggle it usually is. She then chastises us to thank God when something goes our way, rather than thanking man as we are more prone to do these days. Uplifting, glorifying, and rapturous, you will not be able to help being swept away in Ms. Browns An Epitome of Spiritual Writings, Featuring a Born-Again Birthday Card.

About the Author

A teacher in the Houston Independent School District, Shelly Lavoyce Brown holds a bachelor of science degree in education and is a member of the Professional Teachers Organization. Heavily involved in service to her church, she is a steward, treasurer of the Mass Choir, a Sunday school teacher, and the editor of the Greater Ward Chapel A.M.E. Community Church newsletter.

Published: 2003
Page Count: 64