After Tackling Difficulties, Believe In The Possibility For Good In Life

By Cloteal Jones & Deshawn Jackson
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If you are black and accused of a crime, youre in for a real good fight
Because, as a black man, you have no rights
The courts give you a lawyer who gets paid no matter what
Hes studying to become a DA and
Hes the person youre supposed to trust

In this collection of poetry coauthored by one black mother, Cloteal, and her son, Deshawn, true tales of heartbreak, discrimination, cheating, beating, and ultimately Gods grace remind us what being human is all about, regardless of our race.

Together, they write meditations on motherhood, the war in Iraq, and feelings in general, all of which comes straight from the heart.

In Cloteals poem What did Martin Luther King Die For? we, as his brothers and sisters, are reminded what Dr. Kings message is all about: standing up straight and rising above the actions against which we have been discriminated.

As touching as it is enlightening, After Tackling Difficulties is an important read for anyone who has an important mother or child, or who wishes to understand the struggles of black people everywhere.

About the Authors

Cloteal Jones attended Hoover High School. She also went to college for four years in Fresno City. She is currently a home care provider for IHHP. She has been a member of her community for most of her life. She has two children: Marvesa and Deshawn Jackson. She loves track, volleyball, children, and animals.

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Published: 2010
Page Count: 36