A Glimpse Into The Heart, Mind, And Soul

By H. Hamilton Hill and Pamela R. Taylor-Barnes
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My desire is to reach all no matter the age, sex, or circumstance.My desire is to minister to the soul and encourage all who may one day take just a glimpse into this book.
Pamela R. Taylor-Barnes Encouragement, hope, and peace of mind are the core aspirations of A Glimpse Into the Heart, Mind, and Soul. Through devout religious convictions and beliefs, H. Hamilton Hill and Pamela R. Taylor-Barnes provide comfort and solace by sharing their own experiences, fears, and dreams. Their poetry offers a beacon of light, a portable lantern the reader can use to make the path clear and illuminate the dense forest of doubt and uncertainty. ABOUT THE AUTHORS Pamela R. Taylor-Barnes is the eldest daughter of seven. Her parents are Clyde Taylor and the late Valaida Taylor. She has one daughter, Crystal Barnes. A born-again Christian and a servant of the Lord, she is diligent in the following past and current duties at the First Baptist Church of Back River, Maryland: Chairperson Deaconess Board, 1989 present; Board of Christian Education, 1990 present; parent representative of the Youth Ministry, 1988 1999; voted as Baltimore County Youth Leader in 1990; board member for the Hopewell Daycare Center and G.L.A.D.D.; and Nouthetic Counseling Institute, 1987 present. H. Hamilton Hill is a born-again servant leader serving the Lord and the people of God in every facet of life. He serves as the Assistant Minister of Music of the First Baptist Church of Pimlico in Baltimore, Maryland, under the pastoral leadership of Reverend A.W. Dorsey. He is married to Ruth J. Hill in a blessed union for over thirty-one years. They are blessed to be the parents of two wonderful children, Candace and Christopher. For the past thirty-plus years, he was been employed as an insurance broker serving the needs of the Lords people.

Published: 2008
Page Count: 78