The Twelve Pillars Of Unbelief: Why The Arguments For Atheism Don't Work And Why The Ones For Christianity Do.

By Douglas Olsen
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This book summarizes the reasons atheism is logically faulty from a Christian perspective. The author incorporates his own examples, insights, and humor. According to the author we are living in an increasingly secular society, and there have been best-selling books by the so-called New Atheists, which need to be put in their place with a fresh approach to the beliefs of Christianity. This book is different from other books attacking atheism in the inclusion of a chapter on heaven and hell with an nontraditional but Biblical view of hell and a section on evolution, Intelligent Design, and creationism. I hope the reader, who is more likely to be Christian rather than atheist, will be armed with arguments against atheism as well as thoughtful ideas about Christianity. Maybe some agnostics or seekers will find truth in it.

About the Author

Douglas Olsen has been a high school and college English teacher, read a lot and has an eclectic taste in movies. He has been involved with several churches in a variety of denominations, including Roman Catholic. Douglas went on lay witness mission weekends for years, is a Chicago Cubs fan, is married, has a daughter, and four grandchildren.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 308