The Theory Of Everything Biblical

By Lynn Tzammah
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The Theory of Everything Biblical is an accurate account of history and bible prophecies culminating with the end of time as we know it. Lynn explains 6000 years of inaccurate Shamitic, Hamitic and Japhetic history by translating the original Hebrew text. She designed a timeline that touches every race, religion, tribe or tradition on this planet.

The Theory of Everything Biblical reveals our final years on earth culminating with Jesus or Yashua Ha Mashayach’s return for his children, called by his name. Lynn not only translates Daniel 9 but concludes there are no 70 weeks of Daniel, there are 700 weeks of Daniel. The one true God of Israel left Markers that she followed from Israel to Africa, then to the Americas. She walked with Enoch 120 years and sat with Hosea on the 3rd Day. All these events lead up to 7000 A.M./2950 A.D, Day 7, Shabat.

About the Author

Lynn Tzammah grew up in Shreveport, LA where she raised four sons. She loves writing and translating scriptures. She learned Paleo and Modern Hebrew and currently studies other languages. Her goal is translating the bible from Genesis to Revelation and write her own lexicon and concordances.

Lynn’s interest ranges from dark energy to something as simple as the fingerprints on your hands. She’s connected the dots and reveals YHWH’s numerical pattern one chapter at a time.

(2022, hardback, 240 pages)

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