The Teenage Trap

By Isaiah Ahrens
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Breaking Away From Low Expectations and Escaping a Secular Story

As a kid, Isaiah Ahrens thought he had to be an adult to accomplish something important with his life. But, after experiencing surreal events in his childhood and teenage years, Isaiah realized that he, his friends, and his community could change the world—all while young. In the Bible, God used young people who "overcame all odds." Why can't the young people of the 21st century do the same thing? The answer is, they can—all of us can. 

In this earnest and insightful book, teenage author Isaiah Ahrens encourages other young people to defy the low expectations secular society has for them. Discussing events he has experienced, witnessed, or read about, Isaiah proves that teens can use Biblical principles to flip the modern world upside-down.

About the Author

Born in the Chicagoland area, Isaiah Ahrens moved to Columbus, Ohio with his family after his father Luke Ahrens planted a church there. Isaiah has a huge heart for the homeless, and he writes and hands out letters to them and partners with "Homes for Bibles" in central Ohio.

Though he has played many sports, Isaiah finished his senior year of high school with basketball and football. As a hobby, Isaiah and his brother Elijah enjoy researching Marriage, Family, and how they impact future generations. Isaiah has numerous other hobbies, but he most looks forward to riding horses and skydiving in the near future.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 140