The Story And Confessions Of My Life: What Is My Life?

By Rev. Dale John Arnold
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In the first part to The Story and Confessions of My Life, Rev. Dale John Arnold shares his first twenty-five years. Growing up in the 1980s, Rev. Arnold takes us along his journey from his first memories of school, both the exciting and the hardships; becoming a teenager and finding himself faced with the decision to follow Christ; and the challenges of being a young married adult with a growing family of six.

Through humor and testimony to coming to Jesus, Rev. Arnold provides a detailed and eye-opening look into how an entire life can change by these first few but significant years.

About the Author

Rev. Dale John Arnold and his wife attend their local congregation, where he ministers occasionally. In his free time, Rev. Arnold enjoys reading, writing, chessing, taking walks with his wife, and spending time with family. Most importantly, he has a keen interest in praying and praying for others.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 160