Scripture Is A Compass To Jesus Christ

By Stephane Miron
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The truth has been lost, buried, distorted, hidden, and forgotten. Scripture Is a Compass to Jesus Christ demonstrate the importance of Scripture in our daily lives. Through select passages, Stephane Miron guides the reader through the truth found in the Bible. Each gives an interesting take on Scripture for those interested in finding answers to life’s difficult questions.

About the Author

Stephane Miron is a forty-six-year-old father of three who is seeking to shed light to the world. He is a deep follower and believer of Jesus Christ. He wishes to share truths he has discovered so far in his journey, hopefully guide other to Jesus Christ in the process.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 140

Customer Reviews

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Nicole Jones
Interesting! A Good Book For Anyone Who Lost Their Way.

This book was interesting for me to read as the Author tells a little of his personal story and how his mother's gift of a King James Bible, helped him later on in his life to find his way back to Jesus through Scriptures. He reminds us that the Bible was written for us and shows us our way to God. The author does this by choosing specific Bible quotations to make his points, in his honest opinion. Great Read. Loved it!

Alexandra Brunet
An extremely powerful and meaningful book.

This book looks over the importance of scripture in our daily lives and is eye opening on many aspects of life.
I would recommend this well written book to every believer of Jesus Christ, but also to people that are looking for our lord and savior Jesus Christ, pointing on some of the most important element of the bible.

Nickytha lair
This is very good

This is a book that took alot of time to make and my aunt drew some stuff in it