Love Letter To The Young'uns: Be Prepared

By Shirley M. Hearne-Clark
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Love Letter to the Young’uns is about aging, specifically the author’s aging process. While it’s addressed to young adults, it is equally applicable to seniors. Hearne-Clark provides insight into the view of her particular generation, “Baby Boomers,” for whom the concept of consumerism was created. Using a combination of Scripture and humor, Hearne-Clark shows that aging and eventually death are not something to fear, but a natural process to be cherished.

About the Author

Shirley M. Hearne-Clark is a licensed and ordained minister with a bachelor’s in Christian Study, with an emphasis on Bible Studies, and a master’s in Mental Health with an emphasis on grief and bereavement. Her hobbies include singing and writing. She is especially interested in social injustice in regard to all kinds of diverse people. Her family is at the heart of all that she does, as there is nothing without family.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 80

Customer Reviews

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Tammy Poston
Love Love Letter

I enjoyed reading “Love Letter to the Young’uns-Be Prepared” by author Shirley M. Hearn-Clark. I related to the realistic comical stories of mind and body changes due to aging ( I recently turned 55). This book is a quick read, informative, provided scriptural references through out, gave great suggestions on preparing for aging, and how to interact with the elders.

Kudos, Minister Hearn-Clark on your first novel-well done! Looking forward to your next installment. ❤️

Enijua Williams
So Helpful

It was a fantastic read I am 47 and it's helping get older gracefully and I love the fact you have a scripture to support I love this book #oneofakind

Pastor Jeff Moore
Love Letter

This Love Letter to the Young'uns is just that, and refreshingly so. Compared to other books in this space that forget the Love part, and turn to scolding the next generation for taking their place in life, this book caringly illustrates the experience and perspective of the previous generation in a way that allows the next one to understand it, to take it, and run.
I found things which were, "comparable and some laughter," throughout, which makes me part of her "elder" audience, and I found myself saying, "She said that out loud!" and then laughing some more because so much of it is so true. I recommend Shirley M. Hearne-Clark's delightfully deep and easily read vantage into how messy and wonderful Life really is.

Dr. L. Celestine
Love Letter to the Young’’und

Excellent read on aging from a positive humorous and spiritual perspective. A must read for Elders and Young People.

Alice Davis

Growing older is sometimes a scary place to be. This book provided humor and another perspective!