Holy Mary-Am Spiritual Influence on Mankind: "Jehovah-Allah’s End-Time Last Grace”

By Orungbohun Lateef Emmanuel
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Holy Mary-Am Spiritual Influence on Mankind is an exploration of the Oneness of Jehovah-Allah and the mystical creation of Jesus and His Mother, the Holy Mary-am in Heaven, before their nativity on earth. Authors Orungbohun Lateef Emmanuel and Saint Samuel Bilehou Joseph Oshoffa examine the Crucifixion of Jesus as well as the challenges surrounding Jesus as the Son of Jehovah-Allah and how these two concepts have become the foundation of flimsy arguments that separate and cause rifts and animosity between Two Major Faiths.

In this eye-opening work, the similarities and differences between Islam and Christianity are scrutinized and evaluated for the purpose of showing a greater Oneness for all Mankind.

About the Author

Orungbohun Lateef Emmanuel was born in April of 1966 to a Muslim family from the Odogbolu town in Ogun State, Nigeria. He gave his life to Christ in the Celestial Church of Christ on February 4, 2005.

Saint Samuel Bilehou Joseph Oshoffa was born in 1909 in Porto Novo, Republic of Benin. At seven, he was sent for God’s service to a Methodist Catechist. Because his father was unhappy with how he was being treated and brough him back home, then later sent him back at the age of thirteen. He was sent back home again with the other pupils after they refused to participate in making blocks for a new building. At that point his father said there was no alternative but that he should be trained to be a carpenter like his father, and he was happy as a carpenter. Upon his father’s death on June 15, 1939, he continued to bear the burden until December 1946, when he decided to enter into the ebony trade until a fateful day, May 23, 1947, the day of the eclipse of the sun, when he was praying in the forest, he heard the voice of LULI; the same voice told him, “This means the Grace of Jesus Christ.” By the Divine Order, he later went on to find the Celestial Church of Christ on September 29, 1947.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 144