Guided By Love

By Tiffany A. Engle
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Author Tiffany A. Engle is listening, so she heard Archangel Gabriel pose this question, one of many that he has asked her during their conversations over the years. Engle is a clairaudient, a way in which our Spirit Guides, Angels and departed loved ones communicate with us.

This book is about the author’s spiritual journey with the help of Archangel Gabriel, and it is intended to make people aware of their own spiritual awakenings as well. In their enlightening conversations, Archangel Gabriel’s sense of humor shines through as he illuminates the spiritual learning that can come from everyday life. 

About the Author

Tiffany A. Engle is a fifteen-year breast cancer survivor, and that experience is what led her to her spiritual life and healing practice. She is now a Reiki Master of nine years. Engle also teaches meditation and Classes on the Archangels and Ascended Masters, and she owns a metaphysical retail store.

Engle is blessed with three wonderful daughters who are all exceptional in their fields. Her extended family are also the most loving and supportive people imaginable. Engle loves riding motorcycles and rollercoasters, sky diving with her dad, and cooking and baking with her mom and daughters.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 146