Faith For The Filthy, Foul And Flawed

By Greg Detter
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Everywhere you look, you find the cookie-cutter Christians whose nails are clean, lawns are manicured, and closets are free from skeletons. God speaks to them ever so clearly and they're never unarmed with a finely articulated prayer and a perfectly baked casserole, ready to deliver with a caring smile and a twinkle in the eye.

But what about the rest of us? What about those of us who battle a foul mouth or a short temper, too flawed to really be loved… whose minds wander during the sermon and who can't kick those negative thoughts out of our minds? What about those of us who don't understand all of Christianity's complicated issues and struggle to make sense of life's delicate problems?

We're out here and we're not alone. And God loves us all just the same. Faith for the Filthy, Foul and Flawed is for the unwashed masses, who can't quite identify with the typical TV Christian. This is a funny, inspirational journey for the Christian with questions and those who simply can't imagine a God willing to love and forgive them for their many missteps.

About the Author

Greg Detter is a husband and father, a writer and a coach, a staffing executive, and a fantasy football champion... but always a Christian first. A flawed Christian, but one who loves God.

Greg lives with his wife Heather and their three kids, Dyson (16), Aleka (13), and Quinn (8) in a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri. A native of Colorado and a University of Iowa alum, Greg is a die-hard fan of all the Denver-based sports teams and the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 178

Customer Reviews

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KC Couch
The Most Relatable Faith Book I've Read

This book was not what you would expect from a book about's better. Greg's not some Bible scholar who makes you feel guilty for not "getting it" every time you read Lamentations. He's not the perfectly sweet person who has never had a sinful thought.

He's the guy I imagine Jesus would have chosen as a companion. And he demonstrates with humor and wisdom just the message we all need right now. He manages to communicate the pure love of God that we all desperately need.