Bumper Sticker Religion

By Michael D. Arena
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How can hundreds of religious organizations use the same Bible to support wildly different doctrines? Has God spread confusion among us, or are we just limited in our understanding? The answer is neither; those divergences came from our failure to recognize some basic concepts needed to properly understand what we read.

In a narrative that can be useful to a lay person, Bumper Sticker Religion shows how the scriptures are often misused or misunderstood. It also gives insight for a non-churched individual on what Christianity is about and how divisions arose. A quick and easy read, this book is perfect for a curious person who doesn’t want to pursue a time-consuming deep study into the Christian religion.

About the Author

Michael D. Arena and his wife Nancy are residents of Bedford, Indiana. They are the parents of two children: Mandy Ann, who passed away June 15, 2021, and Sam, an attorney who lives in Carmel, Indiana with his wife Azure, a first-grade school teacher and their daughter Aly Jo. Mike and Nancy Arena are active members of the Southland Church of Christ in Bedford where Mike serves as a deacon and Bible teacher. He is also a professional land surveyor licensed to practice in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and Tennessee.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 88