A Well-Dressed Lie: Following The Breadcrumbs To An Uncomfortable Truth

By S. Jernard Parker
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A book full of history, philosophy, and spirituality, S. Jernard Parker provides a corrective historical account on human development that shaped cultural norms, beliefs, and ideologies. Parker’s theories will have you wondering about what you THINK you know. These revelations will lead you on a personal journey of discovery.

About the Author

S. Jernard Parker loves to learn new things and inspire others. He has been in Christian ministry for over thirty years. Parker is a former high school dean and enjoys history. He is a father to four children.


This book is not for a novice to read. It covers deep well thought out topics, and also addresses several controversial subjects for more mature readers. This book requires a process; read a chapter and think about the concepts and content, discuss it with other thinkers for clarity and understanding and then move on to the next chapter. Follow this process for each chapter and it will bring a wealth of new understanding.

Byron Waller, Ph.D., L.C.P.C

Governor State University


I am honored and humbled to find an author and scholar who has taken all of our leading Blacktastic scholarship and research and put in place what could possibly become the new standard explanation of how and why the African / African American went through the MAAFA (Black Holocaust).

Host: The Philippe Matthews Show

Author: Digitalnomics


S. Jernard Parker, is a force to be reckoned with. His diligent and purposeful research will likely contribute to a new awakening among us all. A Well Dressed Lie provides insight, and a corrective historical account into how and why we need to Follow the Breadcrumbs.

Atty: Peniel Manigat

Partner, Pennman & Associates


It was so amazing to see and experience Ghana and Egypt with Brother Parker, as he put pen to pad on the uniqueness of historical contribution pre-colonialism/chattel slavery. He enlightened us on historical timelines and events based on diligent research and left us wanting more. I give this book two enthusiastic thumbs up!

Yahshua Mohammed Jr, Unified Investments

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 304