A Journey Of Faith

By Charlotte Reed
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Through sharing her mother’s story and faith in God, Charlotte Reed has composed an inspirational biography, with her mother’s life as a testament to the strength and power of God. Through the love story of her parents to the injuries and sicknesses of her children, Reed’s mother always prayed to God whenever an issue arose, and He always worked to provide her with the strength to see things through.

A Journey of Faith is the incredible truth behind the mysterious workings of God, and powerful example of a daughter’s love for her mother.

About the Author

Charlotte Reed is seventy-seven and has now completed writing her first book. Reed graduated high school and went on to work for twenty-two years for her local public school system as an administrative assistant, and later worked as an accounting clerk at a car dealership. She enjoys taking care of the flowers in her garden.

Reed is a mother of three and a firm believer in Jesus Christ. She attends church regularly and supports the outreach programs. Her mother is the credit for her devotion and moral convictions. It was through her example as she watched her read the Bible, pray, teach Sunday school, and educate her children to Love and Fear God.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32