You And I Inspired Me

By Kieona Aleemah-Walker Jones 
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Kieona Aleemah-Walker Jones has always been passionate about making a difference in the lives of others. When she was younger, she would sit and write on anything, just using her imagination. Her life was never easy, as she fought for everything including her self-esteem. Jones had many obstacles in her life that shaped and sculpted her to be who she is today – a beautiful, strong young woman.

Jones’ faith is what has brought her this far. Her faith will lead her to touching and helping those in need. Jones knows the battles of losing loved ones, as she lost her father, mother, and husband by the age of thirty-six. Despite the tears she has cried, this pain has helped her to birth the beautiful poems within You and I Inspired Me.

About the Author

Kieona Aleemah-Walker Jones was born in Orange, New Jersey, to parents Amos Walker and Sharon Brown. Jones is a mother to a handsome teenager named Tyrese, who has come into her life to help evolve her.

Jones enjoys spending time with her son, family, and friends. She loves to read, write, walk in nature, and just take time to sit in her thoughts and embrace the beautiful creativity around her. She is someone who helps to change the mindset of those who cross her path with the use of compassion and patience.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 36