Yahweh For Christians: I Am Original Words, Original Truth: Revised Edition

By Yahonathan Daweed
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Yahweh For Christians is a work unlike any other on your book shelf. No other work of this weight, and of this topic, gives us a historical examination across the history of man as this work does. Yahweh For Christians states that there is an epic struggle between the Sacred Name, and an intelligent opponent, that goes beyond our appreciation. This attack is not benign, but is violent, and affects all life as we know it. This battle defines our conscious and unconscious lives, so that we do not know that true life is altered beyond recognition. As such, this is plenarily deleterious to our existence. Yahweh For Christians will present actual history, revealing the collateral lies of wrote history. It will connect the dots to creation, Judaism, Catholicism, Christianity, Islam, Japheth, Shem, Ham, Egypt, Greco-Rome, Germany, the dark ages, the crusades, Great Briton, slavery, the world wars, our present time, and our soon coming end. All of which is a complex, systematic, intelligent designed orchestration of spiritual warfare of a great lie versus a great truth. If this struggle is so ranging, and daunting as stated above, then this work is one of grave importance. The simplicity of word study is the chieff tool utilized by this work, to access the etiology of knowledge. Original words will deposit the student to original truth.

About the Author

Yahonathan Daweed is the Director of Rehabilitative Services for a health care company. He manages the occupational, physical, and speech language therapy services of the rehab team. Yahonathan’s background is ranging and varied, enriching him with stores of experience. In brief, he was an alternate instructor of elementary students for the Baltimore City Schools system before entering into the United States Marine Corps. As a sergeant he served honorably in Operation Desert Storm, as a basic electrician and generator operator. From there he worked for the Maryland State Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. He then attended Catonsville Community College where he obtained his degree in Allied Health Science as a Certified Occupational Therapist Licensed. He later taught at this school for about two years, before leaving to dedicate his time to his true passion of writing. His interest in languages and Biblical history found him attending Baltimore Hebrew University for Hebrew 1010 studies. He later added on-line self study of Biblical Hebrew, and history. Raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Yahonathan now lives just north of DC with his second wife Anita. They each have two children separately-- Jonathan Junior, Angela, and Clementina, Joanne. Yahonathan has now dedicated the second half of his life to his passion. With Yahweh For Christians completed, look for several projects to be completed within the next year. His writings are of religious, political, and social awareness, from a prospective unseen before.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 506