By Keturah Dirosier
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The Battle Plan for Faith

This book teaches readers how to build faith and maintain it in their spiritual walk with God.

About the Author

Keturah Dirosier, a new powerhouse for this generation, is a highly anointed, fierce, and vehement motivational speaker, author, and clinician who is interwoven with compassion and empathy. She is always on the prowl for a heart to minister to.

Born on December 25, 1985, in Miami, Florida, Keturah is of Puerto-Rican and Bahamian descent. She battled with poor self-identity growing up in various cities within Miami-Dade County. Destined by God to matriculate to Florida Memorial University, she earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from there. She discovered her voice and talent that was planted in her belly by God Himself.

Transitioning from timid to bold, Keturah was able to effectively lead a myriad of workshops on sisterhood and domestic violence, as well as leading different honor societies, clubs, and sorority groups (Lambda Beta Chi Service Sorority, Inc.). Through these efforts her purpose was gradually unfolding. Soon after, she obtained a dual master’s degree in Counseling: Mental Health and Marital, Couple, & Family Therapy from Barry University.

Keturah began her career working in outpatient and residential settings with adults battling with addictions, mental health, criminal involvement, and more. In addition, she has worked with children and families connected to the state. She had the opportunity to provide counseling, group therapy, and case management services. While doing this work, Keturah became a life-changing agent.

On January 2016, God gave Keturah a vision to work with boys. In April 2016, she and her husband were led by God to relocate to Atlanta, Georgia, with their two beautiful children, Zuri and Aden. God had once again positioned her in a place to minister and intercede.

Keturah became a dynamic force planting seeds, encouraging, counseling, and teaching boys to overcome their hurt, pain, abuse, abandonment, criminal activity, and fear. She was able to achieve that through various group sessions, therapeutic activities, case management, and more. By the power of God, she was able to break potent chains and aide in transformation and recovery. Furthermore, her efforts empowered the adolescents to reach a new sense of self-discovery. Every youth she served is now able to demonstrate coping mechanisms, refusal skills, and social skills to decrease their negative behaviors.

Keturah is now pursuing her doctorate degree in Behavioral Health Leadership at Walden University and actively pursuing other dreams as a stage and film actress. When she is not pouring into others, she enjoys quality time with her family, traveling, and being in the presence of God.

Published: 2019
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