Windows From My Past

By Harold Shaw
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If you truly believe in miracles, I hope these short spiritual stories combined together in this book will help you to believe in God and His creative gifts. It tells the story about God's purpose in my dreams to my destiny to write this book called Windows from My Past. These are small spiritual stories in which God had sent an angel in my life. It's my personal story that tells about these spiritual visits that I was having. Where I could feel, hear, and see my angel during the changing times of my life. Each of these stories of my relationship with my angel can be translated to this man's life and the relationship with his angel. There are small but true stories in the book that tell the story about the spiritual life that God had put before me, my family, my friends, and the other people who had to be around me at these special moments of my life and the different towns and places that I had to meet with these people to make this destiny of "It's A Wonderful Gift" that God had created in my life to tell this story of the miracles that God had given me to write. 

Published: 2022
Page Count: 248