Walking To Freedom

By Desmond Lowery
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While looking at Norman Rockwells painting The Problem We All Live With, author Desmond Lowery kept hearing the word sacrifice. After viewing The Last Supper and hearing the same word, everything became clear to him. This short but explicit work explains what he discovered when he explored the meaning of the word sacrifice.

In chapter one, he examines how sacrifice leads to knowledge and what role we and our children play in sacrificing for God. Chapter two continues in the same vein, explaining God, Satan, the Bible and their roles in America, and the unlikely heroes God has chosen to help conquer fear and evil.

Switching from biblical times to modern-day America, the author discusses the meaning of Independence Day in chapter three and how in America a person can experience freedom and independence.

The Promised Land is examined in depth in chapter four as are Gods chosen people. Lowery explains how Gods chosen people are not the Jews as is commonly assumed, but African Americans. God sent Martin Luther King Jr. to be His modern-day deliverer, just as Moses was the biblical deliverer.

In his conclusion, Lowery brings it all together to help the reader understand his role in this promised land of America.

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Published: 2008
Page Count: 34