Unbreakable Cord

By Karen Barquero
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Drugs are fun. Until they're not. There's never an easy or comfortable way of approaching someone with an addiction, but Unbreakable Cord breaks down those obstacles. Loaded with real experiences from a born again, Christ professing recovered addict, and the family members who were most affected by it. Within these pages you will find the answers to the most daunting questions that circle around addiction: What makes an addict think the way they do? What influences an addict the most? Why would an addict choose drugs over their own well-being? Among many others... If you've been held captive by an addiction, or know someone who has, and have a desire to finally breakthrough the chains, then Unbreakable Cord is the book you've been longing for.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 94

Customer Reviews

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Bonny G
Unbreakable Corx

Really great perspective of addiction. Easy to read and understand.

Meghan Easter
Addiction/ Recovery

I found the book to be very insightful. It really dissects addiction and the destruction and rebuilding process.

Painfully true

Well written, speaks to both the addict and the people that love them. There is hope.

Maureen Wortmann
Highlights the thought process of a drug addict.

Book was eye opening. The author bares himself and talks straight to how he became an addict, a prison inmate and his road to finding God to aid in his recovery. I believe this author is reaching out to other addicts in the hope of encouraging them to change their lives. It takes courage to bare your soul. I hope he continues to succeed in being a recovered addict.

Find hope after a long battle with drug addiction

I found the book to be honest and inspirational, it gives you hope that there is a light at the end of a dark tunnel.