The Threads Of God's Grand Plan

By Ruthe DeHaven
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From Genesis to Revelations, there are seven different-colored threads woven throughout the Bible. These threads (gold, purple, red, blue, variegated, black, and white) were woven into the Bible by God so man could get a glimpse of his Grand Plan. For readers who wish to increase their understanding of Gods Grand Plan, this book serves as an excellent tool and study guide that traces the seven threads step by step. According to the Grand Plan, the threads will have been woven by Gods hand into a beautiful tapestry when the Lord returns, which will show its completion.

About the Author

A retired native of California, Ruthe DeHaven currently resides in LaPorte, Texas. She is a widowed mother of three children: Steven, Troy, and Lisette. Ruthe is a member of LaPorte Community Church and the Kirkringers Bell Choir, and her interests include fine-hand sewing, reading, and gardening. She is also a member of the Community Action Committee of LaPorte. After a year-long study of the Chronological Bible, Ruthe began to see the seven threads of the Grand Plan. After teaching three classes on this topic, she was asked to write this book.

Published: 2008
Page Count: 58