The Things I Know Are True

By Cheryl Story
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The American dream is dead. Many people seem to believe it after the country got enmeshed in economic crisis, natural and man-made disasters, and political bickerings. The gloomy headlines we read in the newspapers and aired on television and radio further sink the hopes of everyone in these desperate times. What could anybody do to turn things around? Is there any hope left in sight? Set aside your newspaper and turn off your radio and TV sets for a while because it's one quick and easy solution to drive away pessimism and bring back optimism!

Cheryl Story channels her positivity through a compilation of simple, pleasure-filled truths that we often neglect every day in The Things I Know Are True. There are many times when we are lost in the ocean of problems and uncertainty that we fail to notice the laughter of a child, the feel of cool breeze on our skin, and all the wonders of God's creation. Ms. Story will make us remember these things that we can ponder over; it could make us stop, breathe, and think clearly. With a little push, we may be on our way to a new hope and a new dream.

About the Author

Cheryl Story finished her bachelor's degree in English Literature at Ellis College of NYIT. She currently works as an auditor at HSBC. This native of a suburb in Buffalo, New York and member of the Golden Key Honor Society loves reading, hiking, gardening, and kayaking.

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Published: 2013
Page Count: 56