The Prosperous Prayer Of Agur

By Caley L. Parker, Sr.
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Living a prosperous life today seems to mean having lots of money and material things. It appears people have lost sight of what is truly a prosperous life, which is one lived with faith in God and trust in His Word, our eyes set on the Kingdom to come with life after death, not the kingdom of material wealth we so frantically seek here on earth. So preaches Caley L. Parker Sr. as he dissects The Prosperous Prayer of Agur found in Proverbs 30 of the Bible. With clear language and illustrative anecdotes, Pastor Parker shares with us how we must first humble ourselves before the Lord, asking him to remove vanity from our lives and actively seeking His salvation and mercy before we can expect to live a prosperous life. We cannot simply ask God for money to relieve our woes, whatever they may be, we should trust God to decide what is best for our prosperous life, since God knows what we need better than we do.

About the Author

Employed as pastor of the Morning Star Baptist church in his native Birmingham, Alabama, Pastor Caley L. Parker Se. and his wife, Mamie, have raised three children: Caley Jr., Kelvin, and Carla. This distinguished author graduated from Westfield High School in Birmingham, Alabama, and received an AA Degree from Lawson State Jr. College, and a BA from Southeastern Bible College. His passions are Christ, Church, and Chess.

Published: 2003
Page Count: 52