The Power Of Epistles: A Series Of Emails From Don Young To John And Eydie Jones

By Don Young
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In October 1995, Don Young’s friend Eydie Jones was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a very rare and incurable cancer that attacks the bone marrow and spreads throughout the body. To provide some sort of comfort to Eydie and her husband, Don sent them epistles in the form of emails, trying to provide, if only for a moment or two, a distraction from the worry of the day or the inevitable feeling of despair that comes with such a serious illness.

The emails were so well received by the Joneses. “The most enjoyable experiences we had were the daily epistles; they were like the epistles from Apostle Paul, messages eagerly anticipated.”

Enjoy this collection of spiritual, and sometimes humorous, messages from one friend to another.

About the Author

Don Young is a retired CPA (Certified Public Accountant). He has a large family—four daughters, two sons, two stepsons, and fifty-four grandchildren.


A feel good, hilariously charming page turner that will just make you smile.

As the saying stands true, don’t judge a book by its cover, because contrary to the outward appearance of The Power of Epistles- it is definitely not a spiritual book. Emails - witty emails that will make you laugh and brighten anyone’s day! 


All I have to say it - READ THIS BOOK!!! It is the perfect read by the pool or beach! Who knew I would find a perfect page turner that shows how a simple email can do much more than sit in an inbox. Inspiring and uplifting. LOVE IT!

Published: 2021
Page Count: 296