The Open Book

By Elect Lady Fayette M. Howard Evangelist
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It’s easy to get caught up in negative things in our everyday lives. Author Elect Lady Fayette M. Howard Evangelist got caught up in crime, drugs, and alcohol—all of which had an extremely negative effect on her and her family. After being lost in the cruel and dark world that was her life for such a long time, she finally found God—the only light and way to true happiness.

The Open Book is just that—no more secrets, no more lies, just the bittersweet truth. We may all learn something about the path to Jesus through Fayette’s experiences—we just have to keep an open mind.

About the Authors

Elect Lady Fayette M. Howard Evangelist’s hobbies include caring for the elderly and children and working in and out of her church. She enjoys helping the hungry and less fortunate by sending funds or by cooking meals for them.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 44