The Messages From Aura

By Ivelisse Santdrevon
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Women who possess a strong sense of love for life and follow their passion make for lively and outstanding members of society at large. As mothers, for example, they stand in good position to empower their sons and daughters to live powerful lives full of self-esteem.

In The Messages from Aura, Ivelisse embarks on newly discovered affirmations that seek to be handy tools for women who need all the healing and the tools for transformation they can get.

These affirmations work around the fact that we humans can be set in so many of our ways, accumulating life habits that prevent us from becoming the way we all set to be at the start of our lives.

About the Author

Ivelisse has dedicated her life to positively make a difference among peoples lives. She has strengthened many peoples beliefs in themselves and helped nurture their self-esteem. She has especially been able to do this with women, no matter their stage in life.

Also a healer, she started her journey and found many teachers who helped her along the way. Her own life transformed when she began living a holistic lifestyle. She took numerous courses on health, color therapy, and beauty image, along with exercise, aromatherapy, and intuitive intellect.


Published: 2013
Page Count: 78