The Last Great Awakening: A Wakeup Call To America's Christians

By Rustan Hicks
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The greatness of America stems from the First Great Awakening which led to America's break with England and the greatest experiment of liberty in history. The Second Great Awakening led to the freedom of America's slaves throughout all U.S. states and territories. Today, the Church in America is virtually impotent and irrelevant throughout our culture. Modern unbiblical paradigms need to be confronted and the way to another great awakening demonstrated. This will affect the lives of every Spirit indwelt American thus releasing the infinite power of the Holy Spirit to greatly impact every aspect of our modern society returning it to its former greatness.

About the Author

From the early days of Rustan's ministry, he has maintained a central life message to Christ's Church. This message harmonizes the sovereignty of the Father, the all-sufficient providence of the Son, and the infinite power of the Holy Spirit that when grasped the people in the pews will create an explosion of love, truth, and grace that will radically transform America. Because of this focus, Rustan has experienced tremendous spiritual opposition while also experiencing great power in reaching large groups with the challenge of a life committed to serving our Savior in the Great Commission.

Rustan is convinced we are living in the last of the last days of the Church Age. For the past decades, he has been practicing what he has always preached. He has been a missionary to his world ministering God's grace, love, joy, and fullness of life to his work associates and others. Today, he is responding to the stirring of God on him to finally get this book written and return to public ministry, calling America back to its true greatness: One nation under God!

Published: 2020
Page Count: 170