The Last Days Are Now! Home Owners Vs. The Beast! HOA Head Of Antichrist! & Home of Antichrists!

By Bonnell Leon Patrick - Known as Malachi! The Messenger
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On this Earth, everyone has a reason for being. But after reading Patrick’s positive outlook and inspiring words, he proves that it is very easy to see your reason for being once you know the truth. This book is like a guide on how to get to heaven, which is not as easy as many of you think.

The Messenger:

Who told you that only God forgives? I tell you the truth; “If you don’t forgive others for the wrong they do to you and others, our father in heaven will not forgive you. The only thing that any of us should really be talking about or reading about or bragging about is God, not Man! So telling you about my battle with the world shouldn’t be any difference than your battle with the world! But if your battles is different! It’s only because you’re trying to serve both God and money. But wanting to play gods is what made this world and man, unacceptable to God! The bible say bow down to no man.

Yesterday & the past

Yesterday: there was only one God.

Yesterday: God created man in his image.

Yesterday: the church was a human body.

Yesterday: God made a covenant with his people and made it his law.

Yesterday: God’s people gave ten percent for tithes and offerings to forgive their sin.

Yesterday: God’s people paid with the blood of animals, because they’re innocent! Just like children who carry no sin.

Yesterday: our Lord Jesus Christ was the last of the sacrifice.

Yesterday: we played, laughed, cried, sing and prayed together, no matter how bad things got, love always kept us together.

Yesterday: God freed us from slavery and took us to the land of milk and honey, so we can be fruitful and live free just like our creator, until the coming of Christ. He became out God and we became his people.

Yesterday: we made a vow, “Not only to each other, but also to God! And not for a day, but till deaths do us part. A family that fears God, live only for God! This world is God enemies.

Today & the future

Today: the world claims many

Today: we all became devils

Today: the church is a bunch of buildings

Today: Satan made a covenant with his people that changed God’s law.

Today: Satan trick the whole world into paying for sins Jesus already paid for.

Today: Satan people still pay with money, because they chose money to be their God. They have you believing, a good life is a sinful life.

Today: Satan will take another life! Everyday will be many sacrifices.

Today: no one is faithful to God or each other. We lie, cheat, steal, rob and murder each other. Love today is a thing of the past.

Today: we become slaves once again! To men’s the world chose to play gods, male and female. God’s people now living on land where they fight to be equal and free to worship other gods. Our Disobedience made us children of Satan?

But Today: You say you hate me! And I rape you! Because you found someone older, younger, and better. The bible says the devil is never satisfied, and that he also a liar!

So! Who are u? Our Action Speak Louder than Words, Yesterday and Today

Published: 2020
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