The Lamb Was Sacrificed For All: Inspired Visions About Jesus And His Love For Us

By Faith M. Garden
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Faith M. Garden has written this book with the belief that God wants to have a much closer and more intimate relationship with each and every one of His children. She believes that by not hanging up the phone just after weve dialed Him in prayer, but by listening to His still quiet voice, particularly after studying scripture, we can come to know a very loving and gracious Lord and Savior in Jesus Christ for our everyday lives. To help us form such a loving relationship she was inspired (she believes divinely inspired) to set down this series of loving vignettes, each one showing a facet of Jesus personality and unique story of Jesus life. She shows Him as the loving, caring person we know from the Gospels, in a modern, easy-to-read form. Reading these and meditating on their content will bring you to a deeper understanding of the nature of God, and it may make it easier to let Him become your friend too.

About the Author

Faith M. Garden believes that she was merely a means to let God write this book to help our modern world better understand Christs message of old. She claims no pride of authorship herself, as she believes this work came from God. After praying and hearing Gods request for her to write a book (to which she agreed), the scenes played out before her like a movie. For many months and years, she wrote what she saw and heard, interpreting the visions as best as she could. She hopes these visions will inspire your faith in a very real Savior of our world.

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Published: 2010
Page Count: 214