The Historicity Of The Old Testament Messiah: By Whose Authority?

By The Rev. Dr. Lawrence Olin Watt
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The inspiration of Church Fathers, Church Councils, and the Roman Church was to impose a Church order. The Church Order resolved to bring separation between “oppressive Judaism” and the Grace of the Risen Lord. Examination of the history of the established Church and of the scriptural intent of the I AM on current established theology does not support this pretense. The promises of Yehovah were for those who descended from Abraham, and those who chose to become his heirs according to the covenants made with them. Is the current teaching of the Church in accord with the six covenants, or were those covenants alleviated? Is the I AM the same yesterday, today, and forever? Did He change His mind? Or is there a plan laid out in Scripture that we have ignored, altered, or misunderstood.

About the Author

The Rev. Dr. Lawrence Olin Watt studied at Ottawa University (1969-1973, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (1973 and 2017-2020), Central Baptist Theological Seminary (1974-1979), Central Michigan University (1992-1994), and the University of Phoenix (2005-2013). He has been a pastor in Churches in Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Maryland. He was a Special Education Administrator in Prince George’s County, Maryland. He worked with emotionally challenged teenage boys in the Juvenile Justice Systems in Porter County, Indiana and Newaygo County Michigan. Dr. Watt was on the Board of Directors for a support group assisting survivors of Suicide. Dr. Watt and his wife Keli have six adult children and a plethora of foster children. Dr. Watt is currently retired from the school and Juvenile Justice systems. He Continues to serve as Pastor of Central Seventh Day Baptist Church in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. In his spare time, Dr. Watt works (plays) with his four Mopar Hemis. He enjoys driving them across the United States and Canada.

Published: 2024
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