The Genesis Series

By Scott J. Hosier
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The Genesis Series: And It Was So

In 2 Timothy 2:15, we are commanded to study the word of God. More than following a command, however, a close relationship with God comes from a sincere desire to know Him and His word better. It is only through close and repeated study of the Bible, that we can gain true knowledge and wisdom of God's word. Through divine revelation, Scott writes about his insightful and thought provoking journey through the Bible and shares the keys to his stronger and informative faith based relationship with God. The Genesis Series books, encourages all to take their time and study the word of God for themselves. Included are many scriptures as his biblical proofs for his newfound revelation. Thus confirming the word of God by the word of God. As you read his book, He asks that you search each included scripture for yourself and let God's Spirit lead you through a unique, inspirational and informative time of revelation.

About the Author

Scott J. Hosier was born again on January 19, 1995. Shortly after, he heard a call from God and began to understand the Bible in ways he never had before, the pieces falling into place like a giant jigsaw puzzle. He has been involved in ministry for over twenty years, teaching Bible study, and has taught a drug and alcohol rehab program for more than seven years. He has survived leukemia, a brain tumor, and a heart attack. He has been married for over twenty-eight years and has two children.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 60