The Beginning Of Her Story

By Crystal Ann Mitchell
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Told through regular appointments with her psychologist, Dr. Martin, Meagan Guy’s life unfolds throughout The Beginning of Her Story. With many struggles, Meagan keeps her faith in God. She walks by her faith and not by sight. By way of her sessions, we learn of life and loss, love and birth, as well as financial issues and relationship struggles. She shares with us, through Dr. Martin, of the challenges Meagan faces. We also learn how she takes each issue in stride, carrying forward as best she can. No matter how hard life gets, you must always have faith in God

About the Author

With her love of helping people, Crystal Ann Mitchell works as a nurse aide. She believes everyone is born with a gift. While working for others, she was also certain to pursue her own goals and dreams. From childhood, Mitchell dreamed of being a writer. She has always loved to write. In addition, she enjoys spending time with her children, family, and friends.
Mitchell is from Lexington, Kentucky. This is her first published book.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 134

Customer Reviews

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Kamarria Mitchell

Great book about faith i would definitely read this again and recommend to anyone who loves a good book

Crystal Mitchell

A beautiful story that I’ve ever read! The author had drawn my attention from beginning to end. A story to remind us all that no matter how hard life gets we must ALL have faith in God! So proud of you Crystal! Holding my breath for book so PLEASE Crystal hurry up with book 2. I’m dying to read more.

The author keeps your attention from beginning to end!!!

Its been a year's since I've read a book from beginning to end, The Beginning of Her Story is story that I can relate to through the highs and the lows of being a single mom, and evwrything that comes with it!!! One thing that this book exhibits is the strong faith that Meagan has and no matter what she hasn't given up!!!!! Can't wait to see what Meagan does next!!!!

Keysha Brown
About the beginning of her story book

I really enjoyed reading this book the author done a very good job by making her readers feel where she was coming from I recommend everyone to get the beginning of her story it is so amazing

Carrie Williams
A story of A black woman navigating through difficult circumstances

Read this book and i was impressed with the authors ability to grab my attention because it’s hard. The hardships suffered in this book are a testament to what women and and black women go through with men, coworkers, and family in an every day bAsis. I grabbed my attention and kept it until the end. Kudos to the author and I’m looking forward to reading more from her.