Son Of Divine Grace

By Donald Nurse
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This practical and focused guide will help parents develop spiritually healthy sons.

Dr. Donald A. Nurse was concerned about the lessons the world was teaching his grandsons. He developed a training program that would foster a deep love of God and personal success. In Sons of Divine Grace, Dr. Nurse outlines the steps and guidelines he used.

The course begins with an overview of Christian philosophy and one’s place in God’s world. The second part of the course focuses on recognizing and growing your gifts, those God-given talents that you alone can use to serve Him. Dr. Nurse encourages all young men to develop good listening skills, a positive attitude, perseverance, and integrity. With this focus on both the theoretical and the practical application of skills, the student will develop a Godly worldview for successful living. In the final part of the course, Dr. Nurse explains the ceremony that will celebrate the young man’s successful completion of the program.

By following the program in Sons of Divine Grace, young men will develop practical and spiritual tools to live a Godly life.

About the Author

Dr. Donald A. Nurse learned from his loving mother and brothers what was truly important in life. His love for God and family has guided him to a successful life and he works to pass these lessons on. He created Sons of Divine Grace to guide his grandsons to walk in right standing with God. Dr. Nurse also wrote Managing God’s Finances and Money, Life & You to educate Christians on the spiritual and practical uses of wealth.

Dr. Nurse is the proud and loving grandfather to Aaron, Corey, Calvin, Avery, and Nuriel.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 102