Solomon's Proverbs Poetically Paraphrased: An Artistic Adaptation

By Daniel Vail
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The Book of Proverbs in the Bible holds a host of important, sensible lessons that we should apply to our daily lives. Often the proverbs messages are simple truths and behaviors that we simply need to be reminded of to live more peacefully with one another. In Proverbs 25:27, the original Hebrew could be understood as saying, "The investigation of glorious things can become a burden." To ease that burden, Daniel Vail made Solomon's Proverbs Poetically Paraphrased, in which he simplifies and pares down the lessons of Proverbs into easily digestible yet eloquent poems. Vail carefully modernizes the concepts, terms, and references from biblical times and the Hebrew language to offer clear lessons on adultery, greed, jealousy, marriage, integrity, wealth, cruelty, obedience, pride, sin, and more in this melodic retelling of Proverbs. 

About the Translator

Daniel Vail holds a diploma in pastoral ministry from the Zion Bible Institute, a bachelors degree from Nyack College and a masters from Biblical Theological Seminary in biblical studies, and has attended classes at the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics. He has done linguistic work overseas, advising people who do translation work, including a team translating the New Testament.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 76