Save A Seat For Me

By Erical Tyler
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Coping with Complicated Grief

Save a Seat for Me shares with us author Erical’s personal loss through suicide, murder, and failed health from traumatic events, how they occurred and a result of how difficult but possible it is to move through the grieving process. Her personal hope is that the book sheds light on these issues and that the readers know they are not alone.

Know that grieving is a natural part of life and the struggle is real. It’s the coping with the loss and emptiness of that loved one that puts everything into perspective. There is an empty void there, but she is ready to share with the world. Learn how to view life, how people respond to death, ways of coping with grief, and communicating on a common ground.

About the Author

Erical was born in Petersburg, Virginia, and raised in Prince George, Virginia. She has been in the medical field all her adult life, taking care of people when these tragic events occurred right behind each other. She is a mother of a blended family of seven beautiful children, a wife, a sister, and a supportive aunt. She is open to public speaking, teaching, and educating people. She is an advocate for patient rights, quality of life, and helping support ways to address depression, personal loss, and coping with grief.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 76